drawin for my... well for no apparent reason

2009-08-07 08:50:42 by Mousiex2k8

Ok, so lately i been drawing loads of character sketches for little characters for future series of my animations. when ive done them ill post some of the better ones on here :)

thats it really...


oh i also drew this for a poster it has sinse been uploaded to Deviantart for you to view and buy


drawin for my... well for no apparent reason


2009-07-07 12:08:05 by Mousiex2k8

ok, i have decided that my userpage needs more detail in it, and the only reasonable thing i can think of doing is creating a banner for my channel... however, i am not sure how to create ad banners so i am unsure how to do it... if anyone could help i would be very thankful



2009-06-20 13:23:02 by Mousiex2k8

Ok can someone please help me?

I recently set up the ad imbedment in my latest flash animation. (the full one)

But no matter how many times it gets viewed, the API stats wont change at all and i dont get it... is it broken??

Please anyone with any idea what is wrong comment to this or send me a message to help because i would like for it to be sorted... nice one


Thanks, all!!

2009-06-19 16:44:18 by Mousiex2k8

Im glad the response that Rhubarb Revenge got from everyone that aired their views and although im fully aware that in no way was it perfect, im glad to see that people out there help each other and give good, critical feedback...

...And because of this, i decided to start writing the script for the next episode... If anything was proved from RR, its that the script is vitally important to it all... but im stuck...

Basically at the moment, three unwanted visitors show up at the characters house, and end up getting thrown out, but what they get thrown out for i cant think of, which i leave to you

Post a comment to this with your ideas and a few will be selected and included :)

New animation series

2009-06-17 16:10:39 by Mousiex2k8

I started a new animation series starring me and a few mates...

The first episode has been uploaded recently and seems to be taken well even with some shaky bits in it but whatever...

~so thanks to everyone who helped and everyone who gave good criticisms to it, i appreciate it :)


2008-12-07 15:42:14 by Mousiex2k8

yeah, the white n nerdy idea dissapeared lately, along with nearly everything on my laptop when it needed resetting...
so im sorry bt white n nerdy wont be being posted... instead im working on a new flash that will be better than the teaser :P


2008-12-04 16:16:33 by Mousiex2k8

heya guys!!

ok so im kinda new to this, so im finishin up a flash ready to be uploaded before my birthday...oh yeah...dropped that i for you guys:P!!!

yeah so get ready guys...

that was sad...