2009-06-20 13:23:02 by Mousiex2k8

Ok can someone please help me?

I recently set up the ad imbedment in my latest flash animation. (the full one)

But no matter how many times it gets viewed, the API stats wont change at all and i dont get it... is it broken??

Please anyone with any idea what is wrong comment to this or send me a message to help because i would like for it to be sorted... nice one



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2009-06-21 16:38:43

sorry i don't know:(


2009-06-30 15:25:03

I think it only works when people click the ads, but I'm not sure. You could PM somebody asking them.

Mousiex2k8 responds:

i heard that somewhere but i wouldnt know who to ask... and from the sounds of it it only very rarely works... but thanks anyway